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We Make Neon Signs

Neon is making a comeback. From trade show interior to domestic living spaces, neons are increasingly in demand and associated with high-end design. We want to create an awareness for light and bring neon back to former glory.

Product Line

Next to our custom lamps and installations,
we also have our own product line for neon signs.

Created together with our community of designers, we
regularly come up with neons for your home and office.

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Project Work

Signage is often very personal. We regularly create neons
upon request - no matter the size and scope of the project.

Take a look at our pojects and feel free
to contact is with your needs. We are flexible.

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How we Produce

All of our neons are handmade by our network of glassblowers, and every neon we ship out is unique.
Glassblowing is a very intricate process and takes years of mastering. Take a look at how our neon tubing is created.

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Our neons are only limited by your imagination. Sometimes a bit of inspiration can help to see what is possible.

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